8 Cycles of the Media Supply Chain

Media technology has always been intertwined with society and civilization.


The technology has progressed from discrete electromechanical devices under manual human control,  single function devices to automation to digital to current AI augmented creative  craft and technical specialists.    Each of these 8 sequences of 8 workflow components in MEPD.


AI circle MEPD 0  copy.jpg

Business Development



























Media & Entertainment Production  


Where creative, engineering and crafts the sports news and entertainment payload. 




























Live Production
















Asset Management -production workflow images, sound, and metadata.  Distribution content delivery networks  where did I put how do I find it





























Post -  What can I do with it what I find.   How can AI help in the versioning and versioning 





























Process & QC

Format encoding, transcoding, and transmuxing. 

Quality and Monitoring



























Distribution & Delivery  - launch and deliver the payload to Multiple media platforms.





















Viewer Engagement

Interactive and social media   










Business Analytics  - what are they watch tracking individual and demographic groups.  Value extraction and monetization.




































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