AI Current Resources




A variety of resources and services are available at AIHub, including a weekly lecture series, news stories and research on robotics theories and projects.



This website serves as the web’s largest collection of research and findings about artificial intelligence, offering a steady and up-to-date stream of articles.


AI Weekly

For those who don’t have time to sift through news sources, AI Weekly provides an email subscription-based round up of the top stories every week.


Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

In operation since 1979, this professional organization seeks to advance understanding and integration of artificial intelligence.



This online magazine is focused on bringing the best and most credible news from the field of automation to one easily accessible location.


Best Robotics

A nonprofit, Best focuses on encouraging students to pursue STEM-related careers via robotics design.


Driverless Transportation

This website is wholly dedicated to providing the latest research and findings on the move towards autonomous and self-driving vehicles.


IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

This chapter-based society exists to further innovation, education and research in the fields of robotics and automation.


International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society

IAIES seeks to advance the use of AI systems to enhance educational offerings at all levels, through workshops, training, conferences, and a variety of member-based resources.


International Society of Automation

This professional organization develops industry standards, provides professional certification for those in the field, furthers research, publishes findings, holds conferences, and offers networking opportunities to its members.


Manufacturing Automation Magazine

This print and online publication brings readers cutting edge research in the world of industrial automation.


NASA’s Ames Technology Partnerships Office

NASA’s Robotics, Automation and Control division provides the latest research on how these technologies are informing space exploration.


Open Source Robotics Foundation

This nonprofit focused on R&D advocates for the development and dissemination of open source software related to robotics research, product creation and education.


Robotic Industries Association

This trade group has been in existence since 1974 and focuses on providing valuable insight and research to engineers, managers and executives within the field.


Will Your Job Be Done by a Machine?

This helpful tool provided by NPR offers a comprehensive search tool on the likelihood of specific jobs being replaced by automation in the coming decades.

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