Media Engineering Careers​


Live & Studio Production Engineer

Systems Design Engineer

Software Developer

First Responder

Integration Engineer


Some of these jobs are combined in small organization

Some are further subdivided in others




mid career primetime

seasoned  veteran




production engineer 

first responder


Television has undergone many changes.  But much has not   Two columns detailed preparation 

Live News Production Engineering

Live News Production Engineering

News Room Computer Systems (NRCS) is at the heart of live broadcast news operations.  


Augments content search and discovery with contextual content recommendations to matches editorial assignments.


Social media framework managing content curation, publishing, research, and trend analysis


3-D graphic designers create graphics templates used in live and post-produced media production.  The software interface typically includes a timeline, objects editor and real-time preview


To shorten the learning curve, the graphics software interface must be intuitive.  A designer can learn to build complex animations on a timeline.  On-air playout triggered by commands issued by the production automation system
Many broadcasters create multi-lingual programs for multiple channels for distribution and cloud-based delivery.  Operators enter text information, the ML translators generate alternative languages without human intervention
Tickers and crawls elements use the same elements configured with other graphics. XML, spreadsheets, SQL and text files populate the ticker and crawl placeholders.



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