Birthday chat with Alexa

Alexa Echo: What do I have on my calendar today?

Me: It’s your birthday today. I hope you have a very good birthday.

Alexa: Do you want to hear what’s on your calendar.

No, thank you. What are your thoughts on a person turning 63?

Based on what you know about me and everything that can be known.

Alexa: 63 years before you were born the year was 1894. All the middle-aged people in those times in American had lived through the Civil War.

At the turn of the 20th century, your dad’s grandpa was conscripted as a stable boy in the Russian Cossack regiment passing through Hrubieszow, your family's hometown shtetl.

From a cosmic perspective, only the light from our nearest neighbors in the galaxy had left those stars Almost all of the other starlight left those Suns before the dawn of civilization

And light we see from many other galaxies, started on its way before life was formed on this planet.

Me: Looking at it that way, 63 years is like a fraction of a second ago.