NYU Student Photos 1974 - 1978

Most of these photos were taken by film school classmates, Allison Smith, Saul Newman, Oren Wecht, and George Stoney. The award winners are credited to David Silberstein and John Falat. The ones I took were all shot on Kodak Tri-X400 with a 35mm Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic SLR with a 55mm lens. The zoom lenses of those times cost over $2500 in today's dollars. And they were dark. The widest the aperture would open was F/8.

New Jersey Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel 1975, Allison Smith

Chambers Street, downtown west side 1976, David Silberstein

Hanging out in Washington Square Park by the fountain 1974, Rick Singer

Washington Square Park, strolling troubadour 1975, Rick Singer

Graffiti on the base of the Washington Square Arch 1974, Rick Singer

Light snow in Washington Square Park from the roof of Bobst Library 1975,

Frank Fazio

Central Park Evening Snow 1975, Rick Singer

Washington Square Park during a snowstorm looking north towards 5th Avenue 1975

Rick Singer

Winter in Washington Square Park from the roof of Bobst Library 1975, Frank Fazio

Spring Afternoon in Washington Square Park 1974, Rick Singer

Entrance to George Washington Bridge heading west to New Jersey 1976, Frank Fazio

Schaefer Music Festival Free Concert in Central Park 1975, Rick Singer

Parties crowd at the Schaefer Music Festival Free Concert in Central Park 1975,

Rick Singer

South on First Avenue at 59th Street below the Queensboro Bridge 1975, Rick Singer

West Village with the "Other End" club in the middle of the block 1974, Rick Singer

NYC Metropolitan Transit Bus, 1975 Allison Smith

Children playing at an open hydrant, King and McDougal Streets 1975, Allison Smith

BMT subway railhead, Canal Street, City Hall area, Manhattan, Rick Singer

Looking south on West Side Highway with World Trade Center, 1975. Frank Fazio

Entrance ramp to the West Side Highway before the demo, John Falat

Workers eating lunch on the abandoned West Side Highway, 1975 John Falat

View of Statue of Liberty from the West Side Elevated Highway near Chambers St.

1977, John Falat

Downtown Manhattan, West Broadway and Canal St. shopping area 1976,

Oren Wecht

Fire escapes on cast iron factory buildings in Tribeca south of Canal Street 1975,

Vicky Bitz

Street vendors along the north side of Canal Street 1976, Rick Singer

Entrance to Holland Tunnel off Canal Street in downtown Manhattan 1975,

Rick Singer

Times Square at night 1976, Vicky Bitz

Crowd heading to a Schaefer Music Festival concert in Central Park 1975, Rick Singer

Bleecker Street in the West Village ,1975 John Falat

Near corner of Sullivan Street, two blocks south of Washington Square Park

1975 Rick Singer

Corner of Bleecker and McDougal Streets south of Washington Square Park

1975 Rick Singer

Looking south on 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas) 1976 John Falat

Looking south on West Broadway in lower Manhattan 1976, John Falat

9th Avenue and 15th Street 1975 John Falat

Franklin Street in Tribeca, 9th Avenue 1975, Oren Wecht

Looking north on 8th Avenue , Oren Wecht

Spring in Washington Square Park, 1975 Rick Singer

Chinatown, 1975 Oren Wecht

SoHo galleries, 1975 Oren Wecht

North side of Washington Square Park looking towards Thompson Street, Rick Singer

West Village BMT subway line entrance, Frank Fazio

Repairing a subway tunnel on the BMT line, Frank Fazio

Graffiti covered subway cars on the Canarsie line heading to Coney Island

1976, David Silberstein

West 49th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue 1975, David Silberstein

Looking south towards the Woolworth Building in the financial district 1975

David Silberstein.

Street scene after street festival in Little Italy, 1974 John Falat

Sax player on sidewalk in Midtown 1967 Allison Smith

Midtown Carnegie Hall neighborhood 1976, Rick Singer

New type phonebooths 1975, Oren Wecht

Rooftop 1978 Vicky Bitz, David Silberstein

5th Avenue and 48th Street looking south toward the Empire STate Buiding 1976

Vicky Bitz

Approach to the GW Bridge, 1978, Rick Singer

Abandoned lot at 114th north of Central Park 1975

David Silberstein

Lexington Avenue line, Vicky Bitz 1976

3rd Street East Village , 1976 David Silberstein

East side, location unknown, 1975 David Silberstein

Buses lined up at the rear of the Port Authority Bus Terminal at West 36th Street

Taken from the parking deck 1975, Rick Singer

Route 1-9 north of Newark Airport 1978, Vicky Bitz

205 East Houston Street at the corner of Ludlow St, 1976 John Falat

Empire State Building from 5th Avenue 1976 John Falat

House in Elizabeth, NJ below the approach to Newark Liberty Airport, 1978

Rick Singer

TV Repair shop, 1978 John Falat

St. Patrick's Day parade 1977, John Falat

47th Street Diamond district 1975, Rick Singer

Broadway and 48th Street, 1975, Rick Singer

Canal Street 1976, Rick Singer

Gallery near Times Square, 1978 Oren Wecht

1976 David Silberstein

1976 David Silberstein

1976 John Falat

1976 John Falat

1976 David Silberstein

1976 John Falat

Times Square 1976, David Silberstein

South Village from Roof of Bobst Library 1976, John Falat