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"Archives previously stored on film, analog or digital tape are ingested file servers. Archive tape systems and software controlled workflow systems enable them to be cataloged and retrieved when needed.


Machine learning software can QC can verify and auto-correct  masters as they are archived, and again after retrieval and before and after transcoding."

What happens when the 500Bn dollar  global Artificial Intelligence (AI) from IDC forecasts


Beyond the hype and buzzwords, what can AI actually do?


We've had mechanical automation since steam age.  We've had electronic automation and we have intelligent self learning machines end with AI. 


pattern recognition and matching and rules for predicting outcome  


AI works in dozens learning algorithms (show slide)


Scalable to small 


Largest computing horsepower and the exponentially expanding training data.


Since the 1980s, MEPD has been adapting.  As soon as yo  highly recommend hard core technical study if not in schol and afterwards


What does


See here for definitions of each.  Lots to look at 


The idea that a novelist is someone struggling alone in a room, equipped with nothing more than determination and inspiration, could soon be obsolete. Mr. Sloan is writing his book with the help of home-brewed software that finishes his sentences with the push of a ta