The Story is the Payload

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storytelling and entertaining the viewers.

Stories are the MEPD payload. No matter what the content.  No matter what the genre.  No matter how it's produced and distributed.


Stories have been the payload in media coverage of sports.   Stories dramatize the struggles and the triumphs of the individual competitor and the team.  Stories depict family, team, community and  national relations


Media engages viewers with public relations, finance and legal   — in addition to performance on he field and how stats match up to others on the team, in the league, and in history.


this goes for Olympics American Football, Classic Football, baseball, basketball and other





scripted is obvious


but what of documentaries


best ones carry a story — biggest failure is to be boring and expanding an exciting first 15 minutes and stretch it out to an hours


public affair  - politics and protesting personalities


boring how-to videos have pieces of entertainment —usually corner.  These a serious shows with a sprinkle of humor.


Technology, wiz-bang production-value and craft doesn’t make television compelling.  Stories do.  The story is the media distribution payload.  Stories drive every M&E program, no matter what the genre.   Stories are what connects with the hearts and minds of the media consumer.  


From Hollywood blockbusters to advertisements, stories the common denominator in all powerful and effective media content.  For our species, storytelling has a power of persuasion like no other.  Stories (footnote Stories - 7 types of plots)  are the primary payload of ME content. 


To bring stories to life, it takes global village creative and media craftspersons.   The product of their work engages viewers every genre from sports and news to ads   All of the technology compels us to divert our attention and sometimes escape our own thoughts through powerful storytelling.   


The construction of stories and the techniques for engaging our emotions is a subject unto itself.  Most professionals pursuing a career in Media and Entertainment, fan the content they help produce and distribute.  


The common denominator in effective media is storytelling. And every story ever written boils down to one or more seven plots.  


Those who work in the M&E business earn a living by reaching the hearts and minds and wallets of their audience.   Many of you engineers store information as equations, so here’s one for you.    


(S + PV) x  A  =  $


Stories plus production value times the audience equals dollars.  Similarly, the dollars generate high-quality stories and production values which in turn multiply the audience. Either way, what goes around, comes around.