Get the pulse of social media within your Dalet workspace. Follow specific hashtags and the system automatically collects related tweets as wires. Get notified when new tweets come in.




Re-package television content to make it ready for social posts, including graphics on the timeline with burn-in, open captions, and integrated voiceover.




Curate scripts for social media publishing, including drag and drop of images and video into the social media section. Easily create new sections of your story to update tweets and posts.




Post content straight to your personal and/or organization's social media accounts. Publish to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Queue for later publication.




Review summary of social media post performances. Follow indicators such as the number of views, likes, and shares, but also audience comments and threads. 

We are constantly, and sometimes inevitably, providing data to tech companies in exchange of the access to their services. This is made legal from the moment we accept the boiler-plated “Terms & Conditions” of every application we download to our smartphones or login on our browsers.

we are actively and passively generating while using our devices, there is just so much data we are giving away. This is indeed a conversation about privacy, but who cares about privacy? How many of us have actually read the Terms & Conditions before accepting them? How often do you revise your privacy settings on your iPhone?